Arty 10 : May 2003

Guest Editor: Paul Murphy

A few months ago we decided to make this issue of Arty the scandal issue. Since then it feels that recent events have overtaken us and the idea of scandal feels like a very old-fashioned one, almost quaint, like a longing for something that no longer exists. The Chapman Brothers rectify Goya's images of war while on the telly people die in front of us on the millions of channels dedicated to the war.

In the Scandal Issue there are pieces from all the regular Arty contributors, each with their own take on the subject - whether it's a phiosophical approach or the more mundane day to day concerns of the gossip mags. In putting together this issue what has become clearer to me is the fact that we have become almost immune to scandal - our expectations have become so low and we fear the worst. Which, when you think about it, is quite scandalous.

Paul Murphy


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