Arty 12:

I've Gotta Horse (Momento Mori Billy Fury) - Alex Michon
Cheap Holidays are an Insects Misery (My Summer Holiday) - Sex Lovemat
The English Rose - Cathy Lomax
Nature as Play Place - Emi Avora
Nurture - Saskia Wilson-Brown
What is Nature - Melanie Rose
The Automatic Doors Open, a Hot Wall of Piss Envelops Me - Annabel Dover
Becoming What We Want (Shopenhauer's Animal Analysis) - Antonio Gianasi
Phaenicia Sericata - Edward Underwood
Faux Cute - Hatty Oliver
Thither Wood - Olly Beck
Dead Nature - Cathy Lomax
White Rabbit Whirligig - Harvey Lapin Blanc
Pissing On a Chair - Paul Carey-Kent
Two Brains Copulating - Paul Carey-Kent
We Love John Currin - Cathy Lomax

Art Work
Marcus Oakley/Jamie Clements/Ray Ward/Delaine Le Bas/Kavel Rafferty/Agnese Biococchi/Sarah Doyle/Rose Bradshaw/Damian Le Bas

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