Arty 13: Winter 2003

A is for Apu - Paul Murphy
B is for Bet Noir
C is for Cute & Corpse - Delaine Le Bas
D is for Dyslexia and Dodo - Jon Tugwell
E is for Eggs - Stella Vine
F is for FCUK & Fick & Fucking - Kavel Rafferty & Hatty Oliver
G is for Gothic - Olly Beck & Agnese Bicocchi
H is for H - Daniel Lehan
I is for Idi Amin - Michael Macaroon
J is for Jay Jopling & JR - Antonio Gianasi
K is for Klee & Katydid Beetle - Arabella Lee
L is for Love Song - Yolanda Zappaterra
Line Drawing of Lexy - Caroline Lawton
M is for Miniatures - Cathy Lomax
N is for Nelson - Annabel Dover
O is for Once Upon a Time - Chica Higashi
P is for Popstar - Sarah Doyle
Q is for Questions- Ray Ward
R is for Rorschach - Mimei Thompson
S is for Song - Pat Gilbert
T is for Tiger and The Beach Boys - Marcus Oakley
U is for Unicorn and Undress - Jaimie Clements
V is for Vita Acconci & Video Art - Lady Lucy
Vet & Van - Rose Bradshaw
W is for Wanker - Melanie Rose
X is for Xeno & X-men - Paul Lewis
Y is for Youth - Damian Le Bas
Young Americans
Z is for Zeitgeist - Alex Michon
London A-Z - Sex Lovemat
Dictionary Pain - Paul Carey-Kent


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