Arty 14:

Issue 14 of Arty is all about girls and in particular girls involved in art. I very particularly say ‘girls’ as I want to avoid saying ‘women in art’ with all the horrible dull and worthy 1970s connotations that the phrase has. Today’s art girls do not have to worry about being female, they are free to make work about whoever and whatever they want and most excitingly are able to use a whole gamut of once unworthy influences from pornography to romantic fiction. We also set out to define a new girly attitude which is non gender specific and to this end the girls issue is not exclusively female.

Girl on Girl - Stella Vine, Cathy Lomax, Alex Michon, Delaine Le Bas, Liz Neal - Interviewed by Paul Murphy
The New Girly - Cathy Lomax & Alex Michon
Lady Lucy - Interviewed by Cathy Lomax
Icelandic Love Corporation - Lady Lucy
Stroke Book - Liz Neal
Tina Keane - Interviewed by Alex Michon
Prima Donna - Alex Michon
Hans Scheirl - Interviewed by Alex Michon
Nicky Magliulo - Interviewed by Alex Michon
Mimei Thompson - Interviewed by Alex Michon
Ruth Calland - Interviewed by Cathy Lomax
Drawings - Ruth Calland
Methought I Was Enamoured of an Ass - Hatty Oliver & Kavel Rafferty
Sarah Doyle - Interviewed by Alex Michon
Paul Murphy - Interviewed by Alex Michon
Bad Girls - Cathy Lomax
Annabel Dover - interviewed by Alex Michon
White Rabbit Whirligig - Harvey lapin blanc
The Tate Modern - Cathy Lomax
What are Little Girls Made of - Delaine Le Bas

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