Arty 24: summer 2008

Yes! Arty 24 is still obsessed with the British vernacular. Diversifying a little from the seaside obsession of Arty 23, the Entertainment issue takes in all manner of traditional pastimes and amusements including eating, magic, music and dressing up as super heros.

The Entertainment theme sprung from my new found interest in the music hall. So with a nod to Walter Sickert and a tear shed for the non-sanitised kind of variety that Britain’s Got Talent would balk at, I hope that this issue will amaze, inspire and excite.

For your very own entertainment we have devised a number of interesting pastimes... Find some tiddly winks and a dice, head to page 20 and play James Payne’s Art Game. Grab the safety scissors and carefully cut out and keep Keara Stewart’s Entertainment Collector’s Cards. If you have a little more time to spare, travel to page 10 and teach yourself to read Tarot cards and then.

Cathy Lomax 2008

Cover by Olli Vainamo
Page 3 drawing by Dominic Allen
Punch and Judy by Cathie Pilkington
David Devant and his Spirit Wife by Harry Pye
Tarot by Cathy Lomax
with contributions from: Antonio Gianasi,
Emma Talbot, Jane Archer, Rose Bradshaw,
Nina Ogden, Lady Lucy, Harry Pye, Jo Wilmot,
Sarah Doyle, Marcus Oakley, Annabel Tilley,
Yolanda Zappaterra, Katherine Tulloh, db,
Annabel Dover, Alex Michon, Stella Vine,
Sanam Khatibi, Paul Murphy, Rachel Cattle,
Rachel Potts, Ruth Calland, Rebecca Gould.
Whirly Gig by Caitlin Heffernen
James Payne’s Art Game
The Super Hero Returns as Me by John Butterworth
Daytrips by Tamara Dubnyckyj
Last night a DJ saved my life by Rachel Cattle
Rock-a-billy Reverie by Alex Michon
Eating for Pleasure by Rosemary Shirley
Keara Stewart’s Entertainment Collectors’ Cards


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