Arty 28
     winter 2010 / spring 2011

My introduction to the world of fanzines (to give them their full name) came from Barbed Wire (a music zine in the mould of Sniffin’ Glue) and football zines (of which there are literally hundreds). I started Arty in 2001 as an art fanzine – quite simply because I was a fan of art and I wanted somewhere to voice my thoughts. At the time I was very anti-design so it is quite ironic that zines are now influential items for designers. The kind of zines that I like best are the slightly obsessional ones that explore a single theme. I am eternally fascinated by fandom and fanzines of course epitomise this state. So Arty always has a theme that I can obsess about and explore.

Arty ZINES came to life in the wake of Teal Triggs’ Fanzines tome and the attention that has surrounded it. It seems that zines have pushed themselves to the forefront as some kind of antidote to mass consumption. For this issue I asked contributors to pick a zine they liked and find out more about it. Hence the featured publications are a mixed bunch held together by a vague ‘art’ thread. I tend to think that a zine should be a serial publication but that is just my rule and some of the zines featured are one offs or no longer in production.

Cathy Lomax, editor


Arty 28 contributors are...
Kirsty Buchanan
Hannah Davis
Jack Hutchinson
Paul Kindersley
Alex Michon
Paul Murphy
Jammie Nicholas
Rachel Potts
Alli Sharma

and zines and zinesters featured are...
Nick Jones of Niche Homo
Olivia Plender
Jane McGuiness
Sam Gould
of the Journal of Radical Shimming
Ed Webb-Ingall
of Smug
Dan Rhatigan
of Pink Mince
Pierre Ferrero
of Arbitraire
Harry Pye
Deniz Unal
David Blandy
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