Arty 3: August 2001
Student Special

Featured Students
Ralph Anderson - London Guildhall
Anna Bjerger - Royal College of Art
Karen Boyce - London Guildhall
Chris Cook - Royal Academy Schools
Leigh Curtis - Royal College of Art
Pauline Cushnie - London Guildhall
Carol Ho - Royal College of Art
Pete Hoare - East London University
Remy Lamont - London Guildhall
Elizabeth Ludlow - London Guildhall
Nataska Moreau - Chelsea
Liz Neal - Royal College of Art
Gary O'Connor - London Guildhall
Hannah Pham - Royal College of Art
Miho Sato - Royal College of Art
Hitoko Urago - Chelsea
Ruth Weigelt - Central St Martins
The Urge Towards a New Inclusive Revolutionary Aesthetic - Alex Michon
Painterly Concerns: The Jerwood Painting Prize and The Royal College of Art Degree Show - Cathy Lomax
Not Photography An Idea - Paul Murphy
Roy Callow: Artisan/Artist - P.Lomax
Zero to Infinity: Arte Povera 1962-1972 @ Tate Modern - Antonio Gianasi
Dream Cars: Tobias Rehberger (Prada Foundation), Pete Hoare (University of East London Degree Show) - db
Philip Lorca deCorcia: Street @ Gagosian - Paul Murphy
New Contemporaries 2001- Cathy Lomax
Elizabeth Neal @ Royal College of Art Degree Show - Paul Murphy
Which Video Should I Watch This Month: Being John Malkevich - Sex Lovemat

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