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autumn / winter 2014

Romanità, the almost untranslatable sense of 'Roman-ness'. It is not precisely theology, or history or politics, but something encoded in the squares and gardens of Rome
Peter Bradshaw, Review: La Grande Bellezza, The Guardian

Life that winter in Rome: a golden dream, and I don’t mean just Rafaello and the mimosa and the total freedom of life. Stop there: What I do mean is the total freedom of life and Rafaello and the mimosa, and the letto matrimoniale and the Frascati when morning work was over.
Tennessee Williams, Memoirs


Rome is a Stupendous, Miserable City, or so says the title of a book about film director Pasolini. It is exactly this alienation and fascination that motivates the nine international artists whose images and writings make up this Rome inspired issue of Arty.

The artist / contributors to Arty Rome are... Rose Bradshaw, Archie Franks, Antonio Gianasi, Mason Kimber, Annika Koops, Cathy Lomax, Andrew Mania, Alli Sharma, Emma Talbot

They look at... aperitivos, surface, Pasolini, Arbeia, Caravaggio, The Satyricon, Tennessee Williams, prosthetic limbs, Bernini, statues, Antonioni, Garbatella, Balthus, fresco, The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone, beauty salons, Villa Medici, ex-pats, The Great Beauty...

Read The Roman Spring of Tennessee Williams by Cathy Lomax here




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