Arty 9: Feb 2003
Our Idols

I made the rules and I said that the chosen idol should be alive, try and get close to them I said. Not exactly like a stalker but just to feel how it is to have a close encounter with a miuch-admired figure.

Meetiing with an idol is an interesting concept, can they ever live up to our fantasies, and maybe we should stay at a safe distance, safe with our memories of the artefacts of their fame. Meetings are dangerous they are messy and embarrassing. We can't be the composed figure of the encounter that happens within our head. So lets do it, lets try and get close and see how it feels.

Then there is the question of what an idol is. It could be someone we want to sleep with or it could simply be someone that we admire and know we could never be. Whatever, I can't be bothered with pedantic definitions and I leave the writers to interpret it as they wish.

Cathy Lomax


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